Little Souls Programs

Kids Mindfulness and Yoga Classes Programs

Little-Souls offers various programs designed to promote child wellness through mindfulness for kids and kids yoga classes.

Practice With Us!

Yoga Classes

Online / Instant ACCESS

Kids Yoga Classes on Demand, any time, anywhere.

Instant ACCESS to Pre-recorded Yoga Programs for kids in schools to bring on CALM so they are READY to LEARN. Support is given to carry on with the Mindful Learning of each class.



Yoga and Mindfulness Classes

IN-Person Yoga in Schools

We provide Yoga classes and Mindfulness for kids in person at schools with strategic programs to fit your Mindfulness Curriculum.

Programs target Mental Wellness, Movement, Breath and Meditation practices to help children with self regulation so they are READY to LEARN

Mindfulness for Kids

Mindfulness Boxes

The Mindfulness Boxe for kids assist them in cultivating self-regulation and inner CALM.

Offer your child the invaluable opportunity to discover a range of techniques to incorporate Mindful Moment practices they can include into their daily routine which they will carry throughout their life.

Each box provides access to 10 instructional videos, guiding them through the utilization of each item to master each skill.