10 FUN tools to help your little soul find INNER Calm

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Invest in your little souls wellness through giving them the Mindfulness tools to bring on their own INNER Calm


  • 10 FUN interactive Mindfulness Tools 🌟
  • 10 Instruction Videos detailing the fun interactive ways in how to use the tools to create Mindful Mastery in everyday living 💫
  • Insight into how these activities help bring on Calm, Reduce Anxiety and Cultivate Compassion for oneself and others 😀
  • A lifetime awareness of mindfulness! A gift your little soul will use forever! 🙌🏻

Mindfulness Tools to bring on CALM

Learn how to bring Mindful Mastery Moments to the day through these tools! ✨

All these activities collectively cover all the senses within a child and the little souls around you will learn what helps them settle through exploration in a FUN and empowering way!



Activating the power of the breath is the most powerful tool we all have with us at any given point in time! Learning how to breathe to support ourselves is paramount to achieving calm



Finding ways of using the senses to ground oneself! Is your child a sensory child? The tools in the box have proven to bring on CALM for so many children.


Focus to SETTLE

The art of directing one's attention. Creating clarity of mind by developing the art of letting thoughts settle before speaking and acting.



Rest & Digest! Coming back to inner peace, clarity and compassion for oneself and others.


Skillfulness in Action

Learn how actions directly impact outcomes in an empowering way.


Managing Energies

Understanding energy and recognizing how to Mindfully manage each one in a positive way.


Visual Mindfulness

Developing what the mind sees, one can achieve.


Body Awareness

Developing the awareness of the body through strategic and FUN games.


Cause and Effect

Creating Mindful games which bring on the power of the breath to calm the senses and the child's Nervous System.



Developing simple self-care techniques to use when your little souls needs them!

The time is NOW

Become a part of bringing

Wellness to the Next Generation

Help the little souls around you live life with more ease through these Mindfulness, Personal Mastery and Emotional Intelligence practices they will keep with them forever!

I want a BOX

Meet Tarryn.

Little-souls: Child Wellness was founded by Tarryn, through her passion for passing on the skills of Mindful Mastery in Breath.Movement.Meditation to our Next Generation to be able to navigate life with more ease.

This calling guides our teachings and practices, which focus on helping our children, using groundbreaking, scientifically proven practices and mindfulness tools, to better connect with themselves, their community and the rest of the world.

Bringing children to being more compassionate to themselves, which then radiates from the inside out, to the world around them.

"The Next Generation is one phenomenal force that is going to lead this world with compassion, kindness, intuitiveness and love" - Tarryn

Looking forward to helping you.....help your little soul find inner Calm!

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