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We absolutely love your programs. Tarryn is such a beautiful soul, she has a very calming presence and is so patient with the wee ones. My little man has been attending little souls for over a year now. He has learned so many tools to manage his emotions and calm his mind. I love that he gets so excited to tell me what he learned in class. Thank you for bringing such amazing programs to our community.

Mom Kerry

All the feedback has been really fantastic. “Even the tween-age boys have been looking forward to the classes!!” That’s saying something 🙂

Studio Manager Katie

I want to do this every day of my life!

Grade 4 Student

I have enrolled my children in the Sudbury kids yoga class a few times now and it is very helpful to them. The focus is on emotional development and mindfulness for kids and she is creative in finding new ways to instruct using sensory stimulus.

Dad Darryl

My girl loves Tarryn’s Program and she has learnt so much. She looks forward to going to Yoga class, it’s one of top favorites things to do.

Mom Alice

I feel like a new person coming out of this. My Mom said it would be great for me and I didn’t believe it until now.

Grade 4 Student

This yoga program has been a truly transformative for the primary students at Coldwater PS and Moonstone ES. The first session, students were hesitant to begin, not knowing what was expected but now, students are asking when is yoga coming back! Our students are participating in six sessions, once a month that teaching students how to regulate their emotions using yoga. This initiative aligns perfectly with our School Action Plan for Well-being.

Principal Lori

Q – What is your favorite part of Yoga?
A – Meditation
Q – How did it feel for you?
A – Like when I love my Mom!

FDK student

I don’t want this to end!

Grade 4 Student