About Little-Souls : Child Wellness

Little-Souls: Child Wellness was founded by Tarryn through her passion of passing on the skill of Mindfulness and Yoga to our Next Generation to be able to navigate life with a little more ease. Little-Souls shares the belief that life should be lived with joy, gratitude, and dedication to being in the present moment which promotes to Wellness within the Next Generation.

Our teachings and practices, focus on helping our children better connect with themselves, their community and the rest of the world using yogic and mindfulness tools. The result is children become more compassionate to themselves, which then radiates from the inside out, to the world around them.

It is our mission to connect children to the vision that they can achieve anything they put their minds and hearts to, and to instill the belief that each of us have the power to change our lives, one breath at a time. When you believe you are limitless, the impossible is actually I-am-Possible.

We are honoured to be a part in all little souls journeys home, to being possible.

Introducing Yoga to Children

Yoga teaches the skillset of participating fully in life’s ups and downs as well as helps generate a greater awareness within us and our surroundings. Yoga helps to explore the self with non-judgement and gives the tools to support each and every little souls journey.

Yoga is a fantastic art of teaching children how to remain calm, while gaining an awareness of their surroundings, bodies, as well as cultivating self-control and discipline.

In a world full of stress from all directions, it’s more important than ever to equip our youth with the tools they need to find inner peace and balance in their own lives, and learn how to cope with life’s inevitable challenges in a healthy, positive and empowering way.

Introducing yoga to children at a young age helps foster and encourage positive behaviour and positive methods of handling stress. As the children continue to grow, they will take these valuable skills with them into every chapter of their life.
Imagine a world full of adults who have understood the value, power and support received from yoga and mindfulness since childhood!

Mindful Activities for Kids

A Little Bit About Tarryn

Kids Mindfulness Training

Tarryn has a Diploma in Kinesiology, is Registered with Yoga Alliance International as an Adult Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) and Children’s Yoga Teacher (95 RCYT), Completed Reiki 1 and 2 Training, Yoga Nidra training and is a lifelong learner.

Little-Souls: Child Wellness came to Tarryn in a dream. The clear calling, passion, and purpose lead her to begin the journey of coming home to herself and carrying that forwards to bringing yoga to children since 2015! She is blessed to be able to fully connect with these BIG SOULS in little bodies!

Tarryn has been able to create groundbreaking programs that teach children specifically about themselves, their emotions and how to deal with life’s ups and downs with more ease, resilience and understanding.

She is a mother of 2 big souls in little bodies! These souls inspire her daily in how to help children listen to their own inner compass and manage the ups and downs of life with kindness and non-judgement.

We are blessed and honored to be able to see the change in children from before they step onto their magic mat, to the time they step off and take the mindfulness tools with them into the world. We see more confidence, self-compassion and kindness to oneself and awareness carried forwards to others!

Our purpose is to be able to reach as many little souls as possible, in giving them these tools for life so they become resilient adults! Wellness for the Next Generation is key to a more peaceful world.
Join us on your mat and let the magic transform the lens you and your children view life through!

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