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Are you called to help the Next Generation Manage this life with more ease through the Mindful Mastery of Breath.Movement.Meditation?

Do you feel the desire to share the wisdom of these practices with children, and learn how to provide fun, educational experiences that develop the gift of awareness, build resiliency, and expand emotional capacity?

Would you like to be able to better relate and connect to your child through intelligently designed play and language that supports them in navigating this life with a little more ease?

LittleSouls Yoga Class

Have a look at the fun and connections that are formed in a kids yoga class


What's in store for you

Our Children's Yoga Teacher Training is your gateway to becoming an exceptional wellness teacher for kids aged 2-15


General Background in Teaching Children (12 Hrs)

  • Explore childhood developmental stages from 2 to 15.
  • Learn age-appropriate communication techniques!
  • Discover the 5 Love Languages in Children and how to foster deep relationships using the right language.
  • The VAGUS Nerve


Techniques, Training and Practice (20Hrs)

  • Master Yoga-based practices tailored to child development.
  • Become skillful in postures/ poses and breathing techniques with age-specific adaptations.
  • Understand the emotional and physical benefits of all poses and breathwork.
  • Immerse in mindful games and exercises for children that encourage self-regulation, inner and outer strength.
  • Give children the gift of these tools which they will carry with themselves for a lifetime!


Teaching Methodology (15 Hrs)

  • Acquire age-specific teaching skills, ensuring safe and fun movement.
  • Develop effective communication and tools for engaging children.
  • Make learning breath, movement and meditation a fun and captivating experience.
  • Gift children with skills which will serve them for a lifetime!


Anatomy & Physiology (10 Hrs)

  • Delve into the physical body's evolution during child development
  • Understand bones, muscles, bodily systems, and the energetic body.
  • Explore brain waves in relation to Yoga Nidra, Binaural Beats and Meditation.
  • Learn about the Vagus Nerve which is key to Nervous System Regulation.


Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, and Ethics (12 Hrs)

  • Dive into Yama’s and Niyama’s for teaching children a healthy way of life
  • Grasp the ethics and legal requirements of teaching children.
  • Learn the art of ethical touch when instructing kids.


Practicum (18 Hrs)

  • Observe specialty classes (6 Classes) and teach children's yoga (12 Classes)
  • Receive guidance from experienced lead trainers.
  • You will have tested and refined your very own class plans to perfection – ready to share with the world.
  • Gain hands-on teaching experience during the training


Business of Yoga (8 Hrs)

  • Stay updated on industry trends.
  • Develop essential skills for bringing this practice to the Next Generation.
  • Learn marketing strategies for your yoga journey within your school, studios, or profession.

How it Works

This Training is held purely ONLINE so can be taken anywhere in the world!

The online format will take place over 10 weeks

  • 5 pre-recorded videos/Study/week
  • 1 live Q & A each week on topics learnt
  • 2-day live immersion training

Lifetime Access to videos on the LittleSouls Membership site to refer to over time.

Start date tbc however is in the FALL of 2024

Immersion Days

📌 Sudbury (In-Person) tbc

📌 Toronto (In-Person) tbc

📌 ONLINE, Live from anywhere in the world! tbc

I look forward to sharing the Scientifically proven, groundbreaking tools that help children Master Mindfulness in all forms!


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We've got A's for your Q's

Who is this Children’s Yoga Teacher Training for?

·       School Teachers, Supply Teachers, and Principals

·       Early Childhood Educators, Teaching Assistants,

·       Yoga Teachers

·       Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents

·       Youth Leaders and Community Leaders

·       Doctors, Pediatricians, and Health Promoters

·       all those who care for children’s physical and emotional health and well-being

Tarryn is here to support you fully through this journey and beyond into the world of making a difference to children.

Why should I take LittleSouls Training?

The training has been strategically curated to ensure that you will be well equipped, confident and have all the tools to teach to children immediately.

This training invites your internal transformation and support to bring breath. movement and meditation to the Next Generation.

It invites a connection to your inner child and a better understanding of how to relate to children on a totally different level.

Do I have to know Yoga be able to take the Training?

I ask that you bring an open heart, curiosity, and love for the practice with you to the training. It is recommended to have a personal practice and basic experience in yoga to join the journey.

What Qualifications do I need to join the training?

Your life learnings are the basis of the magic you bring to the training. You do not need to be a qualified Adult Yoga Teacher to take our training.

It is a pre-requisite that you have a passion for the teachings of yoga and respect for its disciplines. A consistent ongoing personal practice is recommended as is a love for helping children.

What additional work will I need to do at home over and above the contact hours?

You will be given recommended books to read that will enhance your personal journey, and to support your teaching to come, as well as to inspire you to remain authentic.

You are required to observe 6 yoga classes and teach 12.  You will pair up with other trainees and give them a kids yoga class.

There will be a short exam at the end of the training, which you will need to pass before receiving your final certificate.

When can I get started?

As above, the course starts March7, 2024.

Send me your email address through the information or sign up buttons and I'll start the registration process.

How much is the training?


That comes to just on $100 / week!

Does my location matter?

No - most of the training is online and pre-recorded so you can take part in any part of the world!

You are required to be present during the immersion training live.

The weekly live calls are on ZOOM  

Meet Tarryn.

Little-Souls: Child Wellness was founded by Tarryn, through her passion of passing on the skill of Mindfulness and Yoga to our Next Generation to be able to navigate life with a little more ease. Little-Souls shares the belief that life should be lived with joy, gratitude and dedication to being in the present moment.

Our teachings and practices, focus on helping out children better connect with themselves, their community and the rest of the world using yogic and mindfulness tools.

The result is children become more compassionate to themselves, which then radiates from the inside out, into the world around them.

Tarryn has just under a decade's worth of teaching experience and over 2,000 hours of teaching kids classes. You are in the best hands possible.

It is our mission to connect children to the vision that they can achieve anything they put their minds and hearts to and to instill the belief that each of us has the power to change our lives, one breath at a time.

When you believe you are limitless, the impossible is actually I-am-possible. I am honoured to be a part of all little souls journeys home to being possible.

©2022 Little-Souls: Child Wellness. All rights reserved.

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