We help Little Souls manage this life with a little more ease through Yoga and Mindfulness Practices

Wellness for the Next Generation

Little-Souls: Child Wellness was founded by Tarryn through her passion of passing on the skill of Mindfulness and Yoga to our next generation to be able to navigate life with a little more ease. Little-Souls shares the belief that life should be lived with joy, gratitude and dedication to being in the moment.

This calling guides our teachings and practices, which focuses on helping our children, using yogic tools, to better connect with themselves, their community and the rest of the world, leading to less bullying and more compassion throughout.

About Little Souls

The Journey Home:

How Little Souls came to being

Kids Classes:

How the Magic unfolds

Practice With Us!

Online / Instant ACCESS

Kids Yoga Classes on Demand, any time, anywhere.

Instant ACCESS to Pre-recorded Yoga Programs for little souls in schools to bring on CALM so they are READY to LEARN.



IN-Person Yoga in Schools

We provide Yoga and Mindfulness classes in person to schools with strategic programs to fit your Mindfulness Curriculum.

Programs target Mental Wellness, Movement, Breath and Meditation practices to help children manage their emotions, to bring on CALM so they are READY to LEARN

Mindfulness Boxes

 Mindfulness Boxes for children – to help them harness the power of self-regulation and Inner CALM.

Give your child the gift of learning a variety of ways to bring a Mindful Moment to their day, which they will carry with them for a lifetime.

Boxes comes with lifetime access to 10 Videos, teaching how to use each item to bring on CALM. 

Download our Free App

Mindfulness at the click of a button. Kids learn a variety of ways to manage their Anxiety, Stress and Emotions through fun Games, Movement, Music and Meditations.


Download the FREE Calm for your kids Technique 

To calm your little souls down when they are feeling frustrated or anxious